We all know Sherlock would be half the detective without Watson. In fact, the relationship between the two is what drives their success. One can’t thrive without the other.

Yes, manufacturers make unique furniture but it is reseller who use their knowledge of the market and customer preferences to sell it. And resellers need to connect seamlessly with their producers to be able to do what they do best.

Platform tools for resellers

Easy to use quotation platform
embed product configurators in your website
Multiple manufacturer products in one place
add custom product in quotation app
Customizable quotation templates
Xls & pdf

Quote request

Customers prefer automated quote requests because they are more convenient, faster, more accurate, transparent, and more flexible than traditional quote requests.

Dealers prefer them because they can be easy to keep track of, and they never miss a minute in returning with the accurate pricing, with just one click. When a shopping cart just won’t cut it, the quote request is the most flexible solution.

Price configurator

When you only need to configure the prices and not go through the whole 3D product onboarding process, there is a way.

By processing product information you already have and connecting it to your updated pricelist we offer your dealers a way to generate accurate quotes in the platform with no extra onboarding hassle.

  • Updated information
  • Organized product files
  • Accurate information
  • Simple quotation process for dealers

Quotation platform

Our quotation solution helps both furniture producers and their dealers streamline their sales process and improve efficiency.

Instead of manually creating quotes for each customer, a quotation tool automates the process and generates quotes quickly and accurately.

Automating the quotation results in accuracy, professionalism, good communication and data analysis in the sales process.

Instant dealer web-page

Make your dealers love you! That is a sure way to drive sales and ensure that you are addressing the needs of your extended team.

What is the instant dealer web-page? It is a way to show an updated gallery for your products, in high quality, anywhere, comprehensively. It is a feature of a centralized media catalog that is easy to distribute across dealer webpages. How it works:

  • No code: place a button in the product page and generate a pop-up with all the product information necessary anywhere.
  • Code: use the embeddable code to insert it seamlessly into the dealer webpage
  • All your products in one place, with all the right filters, accessible anytime, anywhere, easily


Because you want to know. Because you want to grow.

Sales statistics are essential for evaluating sales performance, forecasting future sales trends, analyzing competitors, understanding customer behavior, and making informed financial decisions. Some of the statistics that help your sales strategy further:

  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Sales by Product Category
  • Sales by Sales Representative
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Custom statistics (we create them for your specific needs)

The way we know the platform works is when you feel that there is:

No more chaos. Time to breathe. Space to think.

Do you like how that sounds?