Furniture manufacturers and resellers are like Batman and Robin! They work together as a team, relying on each other to put amazing furniture in the world for customers to love.

With or without the cape, manufacturers nowadays are struggling with creating real objects, in real time, putting them in real trucks, all in a digitalized world. They rely on their dealers to distribute their products, but have to worry about much more than that everyday.

Having all product information in one place opens up a world of possibilities.
3D Product Configurator
Quick-link web configurator
Customizable templates

Once your product database is digitalized, you have access to the means of simplifying your work, reducing the pressure.

Why is this important? Because it removes friction from the collaboration with your dealers and customers. By making their job easier, they will need less assistance.

Stay real!

Get us to do all the digitalizing.

Let’s break the cycle. We provide specialized onboarding support.

Onboarding specialists that have worked in the design world know how to approach your products.

They are dedicated to support a frictionless database construction that you can use to your benefit for years.