Furniture manufacturers and resellers are like Batman and Robin! They work together as a team, relying on each other to put amazing furniture in the world for customers to love.

With or without the cape, manufacturers nowadays are struggling with creating real objects, in real time, putting them in real trucks, all in a digitalized world. They rely on their dealers to distribute their products, but have to worry about much more than that everyday.

Having all product information in one place opens up a world of possibilities.
3D Product Configurator
Quick-link web configurator
Customizable templates

3D Configurator

Aimed at improving the relationship with the end-customer, the furniture configurator is a digital tool that allows users to customize products according to their preferences and needs. More than personalization, a configurator:

  • Improves the shopping experience
  • Boosts customer confidence
  • Reduces returns
  • Saves time for the sales team
  • Is easy to distribute to any website

Instant dealer web-page

Make your dealers love you! That is a sure way to drive sales and ensure that you are addressing the needs of your extended team.

What is the instant dealer web-page? It is a way to show an updated gallery for your products, in high quality, anywhere, comprehensively. It is a feature of a centralized media catalog that is easy to distribute across dealer webpages. How it works:

  • No code: place a button in the product page and generate a pop-up with all the product information necessary anywhere.
  • Code: use the embeddable code to insert it seamlessly into the dealer webpage
  • All your products in one place, with all the right filters, accessible anytime, anywhere, easily

Quote request

Customers prefer automated quote requests because they are more convenient, faster, more accurate, transparent, and more flexible than traditional quote requests.

Dealers prefer them because they can be easy to keep track of, and they never miss a minute in returning with the accurate pricing, with just one click. When a shopping cart just won’t cut it, the quote request is the most flexible solution.

Quotation platform

Our quotation solution helps both furniture producers and their dealers streamline their sales process and improve efficiency.

Instead of manually creating quotes for each customer, a quotation tool automates the process and generates quotes quickly and accurately.

Automating the quotation results in accuracy, professionalism, good communication and data analysis in the sales process.

Media Manager

The media manager app assists furniture companies in establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity. Having all the product information centralized ensures consistency across all marketing channels.

Efficiently organize, manage & utilize media files
Improve efficiency & ensure consistency
Facilitate collaboration & enhance security
Improve the company’s marketing efforts

Asset Manager

This is the control center of product data and it is a friendly interface to help update manufacturer products with ease.

You’ve decided to drop a fabric? Remove it once and it will sync with all the instances where that product is shown: website, technical sheets, dealer quick-link catalog & more.

Has the price changed? You are one click away from notifying all your dealers that a change has been made.

The asset manager is the powerful core that enables better communication in the furniture sales ecosystem.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the best method to date used for the remote evaluation of product real size. It brings more reassurance when a live version of the product is unavailable. See in real size, configure and see how it works in your project.


Because you want to know. Because you want to grow.

Sales statistics are essential for evaluating sales performance, forecasting future sales trends, analyzing competitors, understanding customer behavior, and making informed financial decisions. Some of the statistics that help your sales strategy further:

  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Sales by Product Category
  • Sales by Sales Representative
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Custom statistics (we create them for your specific needs)

Once your product database is digitalized, you have access to the means of simplifying your work, reducing the pressure.

Why is this important? Because it removes friction from the collaboration with your dealers and customers. By making their job easier, they will need less assistance.

Download 3D Models

Providing access to 3D models strengthens relationships within a furniture manufacturer’s professionals network. By providing detailed 3D models, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, differentiating themselves in the competitive market. Features offered by the Wellview platform:

  • 3D Asset catalog
  • 3D unique configuration download
  • 3D Model download from the professional’s area

Stay real!

Get us to do all the digitalizing.

Let’s break the cycle. We provide specialized onboarding support.

Onboarding specialists that have worked in the design world know how to approach your products.

They are dedicated to support a frictionless database construction that you can use to your benefit for years.